How to help your puppy travel better in a car?

  1. Help your puppy with ADAPTIL Junior

    • Clinically proven to help puppies adapt to unfamiliar situations.
    • Car travel involves lots of new sensations (e.g. noises, movement).
    • Recommended to continue use until your puppy is 6 months old.
  2. Before travelling

    • Teach your puppy to stay calm in the car.
    • Reward your puppy when they are showing relaxed body language at each step:
    • [indent] start with a stationary car
    • [indent] progress to having the engine running
    • [indent] finally take short drives.
  3. In the car

    • Make sure your puppy is properly restrained for their (and your) safety
    • Options include a seatbelt harness, dog carrier, crate or dog guard.
    • Introduce your puppy to the appropriate restraint so they have positive associations with it beforehand.
  4. Travel tips

    • Stop for exercise and toilet breaks every 2 hours.
    • Bring water for your puppy with you.
    • Keep the car well ventilated.
    • Don't leave your puppy unattended in the car.

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See how ADAPTIL helped these Dogs:

Tips to make car travel less stressful for your puppy

Many dogs love car travel, but for some, this can be quite stressful.

Help your pup get used to car travel

Follow our [puppy top training tips - car travel] (link to blog article) to help your puppy adjust to travelling in a car. 

[ADAPTIL Junior(link to PDP) will support your puppy during the training process. It releases 'appeasing messages' to help your pup feel reassured as they learn about car travel. 

Building positive experiences in the car is key, especially when your puppy is experiencing so many new things. Using a blanket from their bed is an easy way to make the car comfy for them, but also brings something familiar for comfort.

Car travel safety

It is important that your puppy is properly restrained in the car for safety reasons. There are different options available, such as car seat harnesses, dog carriers, crates and dog guards. Our trainer's tips: Get your puppy used to the restraint you are planning to use at home, when they are realxed, beforehand. Create positive associations with the restraint, so that your dog is comfortable to enter the crate or wear the harness, for example, when they are in the car.