Mon petit chien Zico a un an et demi.
Il a toujours eu très peur d’aller se promener à l’extérieur. Quand nous sortions, il était très effrayé par des obstacles en tous genres. Ce problème devenait inquiétant car toutes nos sorties se transformaient en véritables échecs. Je me sentais impuissante.

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An array of questions run through your head: will they like their new home? Will they be happy living here? And perhaps the most important, how can I make sure we become lifelong BFFs?

Introducing a furry feline into your home is a very special — but also slightly nerve wracking — moment.

The ultimate goal for every cat lover is to build a long-lasting bond with their kitty — easy enough once you know the tricks…

1. After Dark Fun

An ideal after-work evening would probably involve putting your feet up and watching your favorite TV program.

Unfortunately, your kitty has other plans…

Early evening is your feline's favorite time to engage in a play session. Often, they've spent the day alone and are ready to release any pent up energy and have some FUN.

For cats in the wild, hunting is an after-hours activity. When the sun goes down, their predatory instincts tend to kick in, making them a worthy opponent in the battle between toy mouse (played by you) vs cat.

Playtime is an absolute must if you want to bond with your feline.

2. Catering services

Early evening is your feline's favorite time to engage in a play session. Often, they've spent the day alone and are ready to release any pent up energy and have some FUN. You can dictate the feeding times (perhaps when you're also tucking into dinner) but once set be sure to stick to them.

Your purring fluff-ball will soon learn the schedule and exactly who to complain to if their dinner isn't served on time — and you certainly don't want to see a hangry kitty!

3. A place for kitty dreams

While most cats will snooze pretty much anywhere, from laundry baskets to bookshelves, it's still important your new housemate has the option of a cozy bed.

Cats are fussy creatures, so this bed has to be JUST right.

A bed that is too small will restrict their ability to stretch but a bed that is too big will decrease the likelihood of your feline friend feeling safe and secure. We all know how uncomfortable it is to have your feet hanging off a bed, why should your cat think any differently?

Measure your cat from head to tail and opt for a bed that's just a few inches larger.

Finishing touches should include a warm, fluffy blanket or a piece of clothing that smells like you. They will begin to associate your smell with comfort, which will help to enhance their bond with you.

We told you it wouldn't be hard!

Following these simple tips will ensure you bond easily with your new family member and lay the foundation for a friendship that goes beyond just being pet and owner.

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Ecrit par Florian Gautronneau date June 02, 2023

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